Shnooks-Bubble to
Best Friend Plush Toy
Shnooks-Bubble to
Best Friend Plush Toy
Pop the bubble, shake and bring your new best friend to life. Shnooks magically grow 8x in size from their unique shnubble-bubble pack! Style their hair, love them and they'll SHNOOK after you!

Shnooks are the cutest new toy with 6 to collect that all have special best friend powers. Shnuggles gives cuddles so true while Shazam goes on adventures with you! Shweetly will always be by your side and Smiley brings happiness you cant hide. Shine gives you warmth so bright and Shay gives you courage and might. Collect them all!
- Cuddly and cute plush toy with luscious hair you can style
- Six loveable, colorful Shnooks to collect, all with their own way to SHNOOK after you
- Comes in magic shnubble-bubble pack; pop it open, shake and watch your Shnook grow
- Collectable comb, friendship hair-clip and surprise accessories inside

1x Loveable Shnook Plush Doll
1x Shnooks Comb
1x Friendship Hair-clip (2 pieces)
4x Styled hair ties